Orthopedic Bracing Solutions Inc | Elbow Orthosis (EO)
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Elbow Orthosis (EO)

An elbow orthosis (EO) is a general name for a brace that encompasses the upper arm, elbow and forearm. There are many types and may or may not contain articular joints. Its design depends on the type of control or correction that is to be applied. There are two main types of EOs: static and dynamic. Static EOs are used for preventing contractures, immobilizing and positioning while dynamic EOs are used for stability and can provide elbow flexion or extension assistance or resistance. EOs can be made of a variety of materials such as high temperature thermoplastics or carbon composites with aluminum or fibre-reinforced plastic joints and/or uprights.


Some examples of conditions that would benefit from a EO include:

•       Arthritis

•       Contracture management

•       Fracture/Trauma

•       Paralysis

•       Self-harm

Eos for Self-harm prevention

Eos for Self-harm prevention