Orthopedic Bracing Solutions Inc | Shoe & Footwear Modifications
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Shoe & Footwear Modifications

Shoe and footwear modifications are made directly to a patient’s shoe (if deemed appropriate) without the need for custom made shoes. Modifications can accommodate foot deformities, correct pathomechanics occurring at the foot or above, increase stability, and/or reduce pain.


Some examples of shoe modifications include:

·      Buttress to reduce ankle and/or knee varus/valgus

·      Excavations, dispersions & pads to disperse pressures

·      Heel flare to improve side-to-side stability

·      Metatarsal bar to reduce metatarsal pain

·      Rocker bottom sole to disperse plantar forces

·      Shoe elevation to correct for leg length discrepancies

Shoe Elevation

Shoe Elevation

Toe Box Elevation & Strap Extension

Toe Box Elevation & Strap Extension