Our clinic sees patients upon a physician or nurse practitioner referral or prescription for either a particular device or a consultation. A consultation can be to determine either, the need for a device, or a recommendation of device type. Any diagnostic information from the prescriber is also of assistance.

The initial phone call to book an appointment will take some time as we need to ask questions to determine the appropriate appointment booking, all necessary documents, etc.

Most patients require several appointments before an orthosis can be dispensed. Typically, there is a first appointment (assess, cast & measure), second appointment (fitting) and follow-up appointments as needed.

Depending upon patient need, the first appointment may be a consultation, casting for a custom fabricated orthosis or a measure/fit for an off-the shelf device.
A consultation appointment may require additional paper work or communication back to the prescribing doctor and our office will assist the patient through this process.

Please remember to bring the following to your first appointment:

  • Doctor’s prescription (or letter of referral)
  • Health card
  • Relevant medical imaging (x-rays, MRIs)
  • ADP form (if applicable)
  • ODSP/ACSD/OW information (if applicable)
  • Old braces – to discuss function, likes, and dislikes
  • Shorts – to facilitate assessment and casting for Lower Extremity Orthoses
  • Bathing suit or snug-fitting tank top and shorts – to facilitate assessments and casting for Spinal or Shoulder Orthoses

This is typically a fitting appointment of the custom fabricated orthosis where the fit and function of the orthosis is assessed and adjusted to meet treatment goals. The orthosis may be dispensed to go home with the patient along with Wear and Care Instructions.

This is typically a follow up appointment once the patient has had a couple of weeks to acclimate to their device. Additional adjustments may be required at this time. Within your warranty period, additional follow up appointments may be required.

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