Wear & Care

Most orthoses will require an acclimatization period in order for the skin to adapt to the new pressures. It is essential that you check skin for redness and other skin anomalies every time before and after donning the orthosis. Redness that disappears within 30 minutes is considered normal.

Wearing Schedule

A typical wearing schedule is as follow:

Day 1: Wear the orthosis for approximately 1 hour. Inspect skin after removal for redness or other skin anomalies.

Day 2–4: Perform similar procedure as Day 1 but this time keep the orthosis on for 2 – 3 hours. Check skin after wear period.

Day 5–7: You should be able to wear the orthosis for up to 5 hours. Check skin after each wear period.

Day 8+: You should be able to wear the orthosis for the entire day (8 – 12 hours). Check skin after each wear period.

If you experience any problems or discomfort please discontinue use and call your Orthotist.

Your Orthotist may provide you with a different wearing schedule depending on the design and purpose of your orthosis. Always follow your Orthotists recommendations to ensure treatment effectiveness.


In order to ensure the longevity, function, hygiene and warranty of your orthosis, it is important to clean and maintain your orthosis on a regular basis.

Please be sure to:

  • Wear a clean under-layer (socks/undershirt) everyday within the orthosis.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt, bodily oils and dust on a regular basis.
  • If residue from sweat and bodily oil are not removed with a damp cloth, warm soapy water or damp cloth with rubbing alcohol may be used to clean plastic surfaces. Stay away from leather and foam materials.
  • Air dry or towel dry. Never apply direct heat.
  • Do not immerse orthosis in water. This may damage metal componentry and delaminate the rubbers and foam padding.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners.

If metal joints are present, a lubricant with Teflon may be added to the joints occasionally to reduce friction and squeaking.

Please note- modifications done outside of OBS will void the warranty on your device.